Language CoLLAGE

A DELPH-IN resource, maintained by Emily M. Bender

Language CoLLAGE (Collection of Language Lore Amassed through Grammar Engineering) is a collection of grammatical descriptions of 50 languages (and counting) developed on the basis of the LinGO Grammar Matrix in the context of Linguistics 567 at the University of Washington. All resources distributed here are available under the MIT license.


LanguageFinal testsuiteAll testsuitesFinal choices finalAll choices filesFinal grammarAll the grammarsWrite upsFeedbackAll
Farsi (2004) pes: final testsuite pes: all testsuites pes: final choices pes: all choices pes: final grammar pes: all grammar pes: write ups pes: feedback pes: all
French (2010) fra: final testsuite fra: all testsuites fra: final choices fra: all choices fra: final grammar fra: all grammar fra: write ups fra: feedback fra: all
Frisian (2013) frr: final testsuite frr: all testsuites frr: final choices frr: all choices frr: final grammar frr: all grammar frr: write ups frr: feedback frr: all
Hebrew (2006) heb: final testsuite heb: all testsuites heb: final choices heb: all choices heb: final grammar heb: all grammar heb: write ups heb: feedback heb: all
Lakota (2013) lkt: final testsuite lkt: all testsuites lkt: final choices lkt: all choices lkt: final grammar lkt: all grammar lkt: write ups lkt: feedback lkt: all
Malayalam (2007) mal: final testsuite mal: all testsuites mal: final choices mal: all choices mal: final grammar mal: all grammar mal: write ups mal: feedback mal: all
Mandarin (2006) cmn: final testsuite cmn: all testsuites cmn: final choices cmn: all choices cmn: final grammar cmn: all grammar cmn: write ups cmn: feedback cmn: all
Miyako (2013) mvi: final testsuite mvi: all testsuites mvi: final choices mvi: all choices mvi: final grammar mvi: all grammar mvi: write ups mvi: feedback mvi: all
Ojibwe (Nishnaabemwin; 2010) ojg: final testsuite ojg: all testsuites ojg: final choices ojg: all choices ojg: final grammar ojg: all grammar ojg: write ups ojg: feedback ojg: all
Russian (2010) rus: final testsuite rus: all testsuites rus: final choices rus: all choices rus: final grammar rus: all grammar rus: write ups rus: feedback rus: all
Uzbeck (2005) uzn: final testsuite uzn: all testsuites uzn: final choices uzn: all choices uzn: final grammar uzn: all grammar uzn: write ups uzn: feedback uzn: all
Yiddish (2013) ydd: final testsuite ydd: all testsuites ydd: final choices ydd: all choices ydd: final grammar ydd: all grammar ydd: write ups ydd: feedback ydd: all
All Languages (2004-2013) all: final testsuite all: all testsuites all: final choices all: all choices all: final grammars all: all grammar all: write ups all: feedback all: all

Languages to be added

(Data is available, needs to be curated.)

  1. ASL
  2. Armenian
  3. Basque
  4. Breton
  5. Burmese
  6. Cherokee
  7. Chichewa
  8. Classical Nahuatl
  9. English, Old
  10. Esperanto
  11. Georgian
  12. Gilaki
  13. Hausa
  14. Hawaiian
  15. Hindi
  16. Huallaga Quechua
  17. Hupd'eh
  18. Indonesian
  19. Ingush
  20. Italian
  21. Kannada
  22. Korean
  23. Latin (Classical)
  24. Lillooet
  25. Lushootseed
  26. Mandinka
  27. Marathi
  28. Meithei
  29. Mongolian
  30. Nanti
  31. Navajo
  32. Norwegian
  33. Paali
  34. Polish
  35. Romanian
  36. Russian (earlier grammar)
  37. Shona
  38. Sisaala, Western
  39. Sri Lankan Malay
  40. Swahili
  41. Taiwanese Min Nan
  42. Tamil
  43. Thai
  44. Vietnamese
  45. Yukaghir
  46. Zulu

Last modified: 4/22/14